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About Jinay Jain

Jinay jain born on 3rd December 2008, is a 13 years young and studies in Grade VII having good knowledge of his studies as well as developed his mind towards things he love like developing online games during the corona pandemic and lockdown situation going on in the world. He never got frustrated during the one and half year lockdown and always kept his mind active doing different activities. He loves playing cricket, swimming, football, wrestling with brother and mother and respects his father very much.

He utilized all the gadgets given to him by his parents and used them to expand his knowledge and develop games online on scratch platform, he also learned to do many more things on computer and also plays games on mobile, computers and laptops.

His favorite gadget is his lenovo mini tablet laptop and he loves that gadget very much and uses it in a positive way to expand his knowledge. He also loves his Dell alienware pc computer system where he plays games in his free time. His favorite game is GTA V and Call of Duty Modern Warfare and he finished the entire GTA5 game in no time and now his turn for Call of Duty.

Apart from gaming he is a very good student at his school DAV International school, Ahmedabad. He is a lovely and notorious child in front of his teachers and principal.

During lockdown he regularly attended online classes with proper discipline and always sat on a desk with school dress on and properly studied according to his teachers’ guidelines.

He loves his digital camera and does photography whenever he is in mood to do photography. He likes to watch the sky when there is a full moon day sets it up as he is a master in setting up telescope on the terrace.

and there is too much to say about him but we have no more words, just chase Jinay and meet him personally.


Jinay Jain Routine

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About Family

vina jain

Grand Mother

Mrs. Vina Uttamchand Jain, is my greatest grand mother in the world.  Who is very prestigious woman in our family and social connection.  My Grand mom is very social and helpful nature.  She loves me lot and give me best advice for life everytime.  She teach me about relations, socials and other activities according to situation and help me for grow better living in life.  My grand mother is active in social as well as she is very talented for any social activity.  Too many peoples are calling and coming for her advice.  I always blessed by her.

chinmay jain

Big Brother

Chinmay Jain who is my big brother is not only big brother but everything of my life.  He act with me as next to my father, as big brother, as a friend, as a teacher, best advisor and really I, inspire from him for developing my activities of game development.  Whatever I do, is a biggest part of learning from him and advising from him.  I dont think that there is anyone brother like my big brother, And yes my big brother is becoming a international musician now so check his website and follow him for his best creation in his age.


God Father

What i say to my father having no words for my father Mr. Deepak Jain.  He is very struggling and responsible person for the family.  He always fulfil our demand and mind every little things for me and my all family members.  He has having vast knowledge of business since 1997 where he has started his career life in the age of 15 by daily attend my Grand father business and help him at a very small age.  In any situation I alwyas found his courage which is in very less people.  I am proud to my father for his courage, religious activity, business activity, etc everything.


Lovely Mother

My mother is the symbol of love, honesty, truth and compassion in this world. My mother is an inspiration for me. She is an amazing woman. She is a woman I admire the most. I stat my day with my mother’s smile. She take care of me and my brothers every small thing of our routine and everyday prepar the best food for us and my family. She always guides us to do the right things in life and choose the right direction. She does everything possible to make us feel comfortable all the time. She is our best friend. We can share all our secrets with her and whenevery we are in jeopardy, we know that our mother would give us some solution. Manytimes, she becomes a child herself and enjoys to the fullest with us like going out for movies, shopping, and playing chess, cards etc.